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Visit and tasting at the artisan salami factory “Corte di Brignano”

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“When my father, Franco Giani, had the idea to create the Corte di Brignano artisan salami factory, perhaps the majority of people thought that it was a mad idea.

Mum and I also had a few doubts. You know how it is, setting up a factory, at the beginning of the year 2000 in the Curone Valley, could have been extremely risky… then we listened to his memories, the ones that brought us back to when as a young boy, in the coldest days of December, Pipino and Bruno used to ‘do on the pig’. They carefully cleaned the flesh, using already in those days, the Noble part of the pork:  coppa,  ham,  culatello,  shoulders, pancetta to make the Casa Giani Salame. They used to grind the meat, seasoning it exclusively with the red wine coming from their grandfather’s vineyards, fresh garlic, salt and peppercorns. They used to bag the salame in natural gut swine and  hand tied them up. At this point  the ‘drying’ of the salame would begin, the most difficult phase: slow, rigorous, made of heaters on or of a pot full of water over them to create more humidity. They used to open a window in the northern part of the cellar to get more fresh air and they used to run to shut it if the air coming through was the ‘marino’. After carefully brushing them, all the salame used to be transferred to the cellar in Brignano. Exactly the same one where we dry the Salame Nobile di Brignano nowadays. On second though, my father’s memories are also mine. Passionately he created the Corte di Brignano, with the same passion my mother and I are continuing his project trying to improve it day after day. As my father used to say: what has changed since then? The answer is always the same. Nothing!!!

Get to know the history of the Giani family, one of the food and wine excellences of the area with the lab guided tour and tasting of the Salame Nobile in all its forms, among which the  “Cucito”, the finest, recognisable by its larger diameter due to its double natural pork casing and stitched, the characteristic that allows it to mature up to 24 months.

Inside the building you will be able to visit a pretty shop where the salame nobile is displayed together with all the  Val Curone products, like the Montebore, the Volpedo peaches and the Timorasso wine. Besides all this, you can find food and wine excellences from Lombardy, Emilia and Liguria.

The shop is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 9.30am to 12.30pm and from 3pm to 6.30pm; on Sunday morning from 9,00 am to 12,30pm.


  • Participants will be provided with all devices such as gowns, shoes, etc. to have access to the laboratory in full compliance with the hygienic-sanitary regulations: the factory reserves the right to deny entry to the laboratory to those participants who do not comply with these regulations.


  • Guided tour of the salami factory's laboratories and cellars;
  • Tasting of the products of the factory;
  • Possibility of a complete tasting experience, with other local products, including wines, cheeses and honey (selectable extra).
  • Anything not explicitly mentioned

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Created with Sketch. Via Roma, 24, Brignano-frascata AL, Italy


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