From the Fourth Estate to the Museum of Divisionism, through villages, cheese and truffles

In Volpedo, the town of Giuseppe Pellizza, everything speaks of him. The works reproduced along the streets of the village, the studio where he painted the Fiumana, “Piazza del Quarto […]

Cycling or walking, from the Apennines to the Sea

Alongside Pellizza da Volpedo, other legends linked to QuartoPiemonte travel on two wheels. And riding up and down the roads of the Tortonese hills it soon becomes clear why. At […]

QuartoPiemonte, that’s why!

When we decided to call ourselves Quarto Piemonte and to tell our story to all our friends, they all used to ask us why we chose this name. For those […]

A portal that reveals a dream

Quarto Piemonte is the result of the passionate and determined brainstorming of a group of local entrepreneurs and professionals that, despite coming from different backgrounds, about a year ago, shared […]

Quarto Piemonte