Climate in QuartoPiemonte

In QuartoPiemonte you will find very different seasons, as usual for zones with temperate continental climate..



In winter, the fields are often covered in frost, but from mid morning, it isn’t rare to see some sunshine. Fog is quite rare and most of the times, it manifests itself only through a bit of mist in the early morning hours. It is rather rare on the hills. Even the snow is not as frequent as in the past, especially in the plains. It is more common in the months between December and February.


Spring is one of the best times of the year to visit QuartoPiemonte. Temperatures are usually mild and in the afternoons, you can start wearing a t-shirt . Rain is frequent in the month of April. Remember to always carry an umbrella and a raincoat with you, not to get caught unprepared.



In summer you can see our hills at their very best. Long days, drinks by the pool at sunset and nights animated by the crickets chirping. In the days of maximum heat, you can reach the hills or relax by the fresh water of our rivers, or ever reach our mountains. There, in the evening, you may even have to wear a light sweater: it is always slightly cooler than in the plains and it can be pleasantly breezy.


Together with Spring, Autumn is another ideal season to visit Quarto Piemonte and lose yourself trailing among the red of our vineyards and our woods and meadows, in a whirlwind of warm hues. Temperatures are generally mild, but they can  vary considerably between the warm Sepember days to the cooler October and November. It is always wise to carry an umbrella and layered clothing is recommended.