When we decided to call ourselves Quarto Piemonte and to tell our story to all our friends, they all used to ask us why we chose this name. For those who love sport, for example,  “fourth” is the first of the excluded and this generated some fears.


Well, yes. We decided to proudly reclaim this position in Piemonte ‘still not on the podium’, because just  like Pellizza’s  Quarto Stato, our land is not yet well represented in the imagination of the travellers. We are the Piemonte of the Lakes, of the Langhe and of Turin. We are the Fourth side of Piemonte, the one still barely explored.  But it has also remained authentic and human, simple atypical and ready to surprise you.


We are a borderland, where four regions and four provinces converge. You can notice this by looking at the biodiversity that characterizes our places and you can taste it in the contamination of our dishes, that mix the Ligurian aià with the Po plain risotti. You can hear it in our dialects that the Milanese confuse with the ones from Emilia and that the Piemontese with the ones from Lombardy. So being Fourth has become a way of life.


The Grande Airone as well in Spring 1942 came fourth at the Giro del Lazio. But in November he set a record at the Milan Velodromo Vigorelli bike track. Although this record was set in surreal condition, with the city under the bombing,  it remained undefeated for the following 14 years.

Just like Coppi, we start first. And just like him we are training to become real champions.