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Vigneti Repetto

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Where wine meets the horizon.

This is not just a land, it is home, the pure air, the temperate climate, the fertile soil and above all, the love of the men who cultivate it make these places truly unparalleled.

The protagonists of this adventure are Gian Paolo Repetto and his wife Marina. Gian Paolo, born into a family of farmers and brought up in the countryside, initially decided to follow his passion for technology by developing a company in the engineering world, moving away from the land. The values he acquired during his youth in the country and shared with his wife, such as problem solving and a sense of community, never ceased to remind him of his deep love for the land. The call of home and the unique charm of the Colli Tortonesi did the rest.

In Mongualdone, in the easternmost part of Piedmont, on the magnificent Unesco Belvedere Tortona-Sarezzano slope, Gian Paolo and his wife Marina pursue their wine project under the motto ‘Ancient Method, Modern Technology’. This phrase sums up their philosophy and means respect for tradition through the use of technology, which today allows us to respect nature in the vineyard and cellar, obtaining grapes of the highest quality: the primary requirement for a wine.

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Created with Sketch. Strada Montegualdone, 3, 15050 Sarezzano, AL, Italy
Created with Sketch.


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