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Vigneti Massa

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“The worker works with his hands, the craftsman also uses his brain, the artist puts his heart into it: the winemaker needs all this and luck too!”

Walter Massa, a winemaker for generations, has always been in a stubbornly contrary direction and has been the protagonist of the rediscovery of Timorasso.

More than 30 years ago, in fact, Walter believed in the revival of this indigenous grape variety, which had been on the verge of abandonment due to low yields, bringing it today to be the highest expression of wine production, as well as an ambassador of our territory, under the banner of “Derthona”.

The winery’s wines are the result of a project that, without prevarication, gives due importance to the vineyard and the vine-dresser, to the winery and the cellar craftsman, to the territory and its microcosm, to innovation but not to fashions, to the right consideration of the entire distribution circuit, with the utmost respect for the consumer.

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Created with Sketch. Piazza Capsoni, 10, Monleale AL, Italia
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