What to do when it rains in QuartoPiemonte?

Sometimes, after a long, sunny working week, the weekend arrives, along with with the rain. It happens in QuartoPiemonte, just like anywhere else. But don’t be discouraged, there is always an alternative.


Our suggestion is to enjoy the welcoming old town city center of  Tortona, joining the ‘struscio’, the stroll under the city arcades. Enjoy an afternoon cuddle in the historic pastry shops , heirs of the  ancient Piemontese pastry art. Besides the hot chocolates and the ‘marocchini’ (espresso coffee with milk and cocoa), you can taste the famous ‘cannoncini’, soft chantilly cream or cream puffs, as well as the unforgettable baci (kisses), even their golden version.

Well reinvigorated by all these sweet treats, you can enter one of the city museums. Not to be missed, right near the old arcades, there is the Divisionism Art Gallery, a city gem that attracts art lovers from all over Italy. In its halls you will find the most important exponents of this artistic current, among which you will see our Pellizza Da Volpedo.

Tortona offers a wealth of surprises, the ‘Marionette’ (Puppets) Museum, the ‘Orsi’ Agriculture Machines Museum, until the latest addition, the House-museum ‘Barabino’, restored in memory of the painter from Turin, a good friend of Pellizza , that shows the living space in which the maestro used to live and create, among paintings and everyday objects.

What to do when its too hot (or too cold) in QuartoPiemonte?

Summer and winter in QuartoPiemonte are extreme seasons where the whether can be either very hot as well as very cold.

To enjoy the summer sunshine at its best,  a good idea could be finding a swimming pool on a hill, where you can soak until the sunset, with a view on breathtaking panoramas. In QuartoPiemonte there are well equipped large swimming pools as well as smaller, more isolated ones, where you can relax away from the clamor.

If you don’t particularly love the chlorine, our tip would be to find refreshment in the waters of the Borbera creek. Drive up to the famous ‘strette’, a spectacular canyon carved into the mountains, or if it gets too crowded during the weekend, you can go upstream. The creek is long and you will certainly find your haven of peace. Our favorite one is the ‘cascata di Gordena’ (Gordena waterfall), a real hidden gem close to the homonymous hamlet of Mongiardino Ligure. Don’t spread this information though!

In winter the weather is never cold to the point to make you change your plans. However, in case you are sensitive to the cold, you can book a wine tasting in one of our cellars. The full bodied QuartoPiemonte red wines are heartwarming. The important thing is never to exaggerate (or to ask someone else to drive).


What to do when you are sad or angry in QuartoPiemonte

Work,study and everyday life commitments often affect our mood and sometimes they make us feel a little down. In these cases, our favorite remedy to cheer ourselves up, is a lovely walk immersed in the QuartoPiemonte nature.


Our montain trails are numerous and suitable for everyone, from the beginner to the professional runner. White gravel roads, among vineyards and ditches graced by mulberries, walking paths on the hills and  trekking trails in the woods to reach the ancient and fascinating ‘Torri Medievali di Sant’ Alosio’ (‘Medieval Towers of Sant’ Alosio’) from which you can embrace the view of the plain beneath, from the Monviso to the Alps. At the end of the day, you will certainly be able to smile.

For the more thoughtful type of personality, or  for those who wish to meditate after a walk, we suggest a relaxing yoga lesson in the woods, to reconnect to your body and soul and to recharge your batteries.

What to do when you're traveling in QuartoPiemonte with your partner?

A holiday in QuartoPiemonte can be ideal for couples that want to treat themselves to a few days of intimacy, away from the usual hustle and bustle.

There are many activities that you can experience on our hills as a couple. The difficult task is which one to choose. If you really want to leave your other half speechless, we recommend a hot air balloon trip.

Fly in a balloon immerse in the complete silence, touching the tips of the trees and the vineyards, looking at the animals and loosing yourself into enchanting landscapes… we guarantee you, it is one of the moments in life that you will never forget.